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My name is Ignacio and I am a consultant and expert in digital storytelling. My mission is to help brands and organisations create content for social media and build communities online.

I know how challenging it is to reach consumers and audiences within such a cluttered digital landscape. New platforms and formats come up every day, from TikTok videos to Instagram Reels, from Whatsapp channels to Augmented Reality lenses. 


That is why I help you improve your content and train your team on how to effectively use different social media platforms and formats.


Contact me if you want to create engaging content and build a community to which your consumers want to belong. And check out my Domestika course to learn more about social media strategy.

These are some ways in which we can work together:

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  • I help you build and grow your communities online, designing strategies to reach new audiences with content that is authentic and engaging.

  • I help you collaborate with influencers and content creators in a way that works for you and aligns with your mission, values and business goals.

  • I help you measure your success, set the right goals to achieve, and coach your team on the tracking tools that work for you.



  • I have trained communication and marketing teams from brands, media companies and organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations or the BBC. I have also shared my passion in public speaking opportunities such as the World Business Forum, Social Media Week or Mexico's Entrepreneur Week.

  • I help your leaders and C-levels unlock the opportunity of social media content, so they become effective communicators and influencers, both internal and externally.

About Me
  • ​I worked for leading tech companies -Meta, Google and Snapchat- across different roles in media partnerships, editorial and communication.

  • At UNICEF (United Nations), I developed and implemented a Youth Content Strategy, with a focus on global young audiences. I hae also worked as a correspondent in several Latin American countries for the BBC's World Service and domestic news channels for TV, radio and online in English and Spanish, with a focus on digital innovation.




Ana Rico



"As Head of Community for Instagram in Latin America, Ignacio developed skills on content creation and content strategy, growing audiences and media innovation, which he shared with our media partners and allies through workshops and special events

Carlos Molina,

Digital Communications

 The World Bank

"Ignacio has done training workshops for my communications team at the World Bank. I commend his innovative approach to content creation; his professionalism and passion for what he does

Paula Cutuli

Social Media Week

"Ignacio was a speaker for Social Media Week Mexico for 3 years and he was a big success. Our audience loved his sessions, they were fun, informative, with interesting data but also connected to the public

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